This is the official community of UltraStar Deluxe Games, Vocaluxe and Performous! It's the central hub of open music games! Started in 2022!

We party all together!

What can you do here with us?

Who should be here?

Song Creators
Developers (Coders, Designers, Sound Engineers, PR Officers, QAs)

Why are we perfect for you?

  • We are the central hub for all open source singing games
  • We have everything at one place
  • We got all the driving forces from different projects
  • We are official and the single source of truth
  • We unite the scene and harmonize the apps
  • With us you can forget all the UltraStar Chaos of past 15 years

Which languages are supported?

  • In our community main language is English (to make things easy)
  • In Help Desk and Event channel we provide subchannels for
    (and even more)

Get active in our Community!

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